Different Types of Bean Bags

Bean bags are increasingly becoming popular. It is one of the room accessories that are commonly used in these modern times. A bean bag is a type of a sealed bag with dried beans, expanded polystyrene and propylene, PVC pellets as its contents, but it all depends upon the makers of bean bags. No matter what a bean bag is composed of, no matter how big and what shape it takes, it has one goal for its users — providing comfort at its best.

Bean bags are available in various sizes, shapes, and fillings. Below are the different types of bean bags according to sizes, shape, and fillings.

Types of Bean Bags According to Sizes

1. Kids/Youth Bean Bags. These types of bean bags are usually small to medium in size intended for little kids up to children who are 4’6” tall. The circumference of kids’ bean bags is approximately 110 to 120 inches.

2. Large/Teen Bean Bags. These types of bean bags are for young adults who are up to 5’2” tall or for children who would want a roomier space for growth. Usually belonged to larger type of bean bags, the circumference of teen bean bags is around 130 to 140.types of bean bags

3. Extra Large Bean Bags. These types of bean bags are intended for adults who are up to 6’ tall. Its circumference is approximately 140 to 150 inches, and they are the ones mostly preferred by adults.

4. Double Extra Large Bean Bags. These types of bean bags are really huge ones and preferably, for adults up to 6’5” tall. With a circumference of around 170 to 180 inches, the size of double extra large bean bags may exceed your expectations of a bean bag.

Types of Bean Bags According to Shape

1. Round bean bags. The most common type and may be the only type known to many. It is shaped like a ball and ideally placed in a room for relaxation, such as playing video games and watching movies.

2. Square bean bags. An uncommon type but is available in the market, a square bean bag is in a shape of a cube and used more like an ottoman for foot rests.

3. Game chairs. The type of bean bag which is usually round and wide at the base, narrowing in towards the endpoint.

4. Novelty bean bags. Novelty bean bags are usually under the category of kids’ bean bags and take the shape of any thing such as animals, flowers, footballs, etc.

5. Elongated large bean bags. From the name itself, this type of bean bags is elongated and is large in size.

Types of Bean Bags According to Fillings

1. Polystyrene beads. Polystyrene beads are small beads that shift and move easily. They are lightweight, giving bean bags the capacity to provide comfort in any position that you want.

2. Shredded foam filler. Bean bags with shredded foam filler are made from polyurethane foam which is a cushionier.

3. Natural bean bag filler. This is for those who prefer the traditional bean bag chairs. Examples of natural bean bag fillers are dried beans, rice and the like.

4. Mixed fillers. These are bean bags with a mixture of two or more of the different types of fillings. For added comfort, choose a bean bag filler that best suits you and your needs.

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