An Overview on Bean Bags

Bean bags are perhaps the coziest home furniture to sit on. These modern chairs are all the rage right now with kids as leading consumers of the hype. But where and when exactly did bean bags originate? What are their different designs? Are bean bags washable? This article provides insightful information about bean bags.

History of Bean Bags

History has it. Bean bags can be traced back to 1969 when high class families in past societies make use of bean bags as popular home furnitures. Bean bags were firstly created by a furniture company in Italy which was operated by Franco Teodoro, Piero Gatti and Chesare Paolini. The first ever bean bag was made of leather beads made up of Styrofoam.

It is claimed that bean bags were made out of accident when Teodoro, Gatti and Paolini put in all the stytrofoam leftovers in a bag. From there, they found out that the bag can actually be used to sit on due to its billowing exterior.

Trivia: The earliest bean bag was referred to as Socco which was a pear-shaped leather bag.

The Evolution of Bean Bags

Most traditional bean bags are made from vinyl and polysterene in which durability and cost efficiency are the primary advantages. Over the years, the material used for bean bags has change so as the design. Nowadays, bean bags come in innovative designs and chic styles.

Contemporary designs of bean bags are more chair-like. They have raised bags, shaped edges and comfy arms providing people much needed support. In addition to that, they also come in a variety of sizes such as modern bean bags can now accommodate more than one person! More than that, they are available in a broad spectrum of colors and premium styles such as chairs featuring faux fur.

Common Design Options of Bean Bags

Bean bags have come a long way as home furnitures since 1970s. It is more than a cushion device for sitting but they are also come in handy for studying and playing.

  • bean bags overviewBean bags chair. The earliest and most common bean bag design, a bean bag chair is a raised furniture where a person can sit on. It is made from different fabric blends such as vinyl and leather. Bean bag chairs are available in different colors and patterns.
  • Bean bags lounge. A bean bag lounge is similar to that of a bean bag chair except that the former is wider and longer. A bean bag lounge is a great furniture outdoors such as in patio or pool.
  • Bean bags sofa. Bean bags sofa are bigger than bean bag lounges that they can accommodate a minimum of three persons. Bean bag sofas are also stronger and more stable.
  • Bean bag toys. These are miniature bean bag items designed for kids.

Tips When Selecting Bean Bags

The following are some important tips one should take into consideration when choosing bean bags.

  • [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B000X38FRO” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]Select the appropriate size. Bean bags are available in a wide range of sizes. Some bean bags are designed for children while some others are built for huge people. Bean bags for kids are relatively small while they also come in queen-size versions as big as an ottoman for adults.
  • Choose a fabric. Bean bags are made from different fabrics. Cotton is the most common and simplest while vinyl material is also becoming popular due to its cheaper price tag. There are also sophisticated fabrics available for bean bags such as leather, velvet and velour.
  • Tailor an outer sleeve. Outer coverings make the bean bags more durable. They are removable and can be washed regularly thus keeping your chair spotless and in good repair.
  • Decide for the design. Bean bags are teeming with different prints and colors. Nearly all bean bags are unicolor, yet there are some other prints inspired by leopard or zebra patterns.
  • Styrofoam Versus Polyurethrane. Traditional bean bags are created from Styrofoam. While they can be very cheap, Styrofoam is somewhat rigid making them quite uncomfortable to sit on. A more expensive element of bean bags is polyurethrane which claimed to deliver more comfort.
  • When purchasing online, check the return policy. Also, find the cheapest yet the one with good quality. Beware of scams!

How to Clean Bean Bags

  • When washing bean bag covers, make sure to unzip them before dropping the covers into the washing machine.
  • It is highly recommended to wash bean bag covers with cool water and mild detergent to preserve the material. Allow covers to dry naturally.
  • For accidental spills, wipe them immediately using a soft cloth and warm water.
  • Remove soils by using toothbrush and soapy water. Then, let it dry.

Top 5 Brands for Bean Bags

You probably want to buy now bean bags, consider these following top brands for bean bags:

1. Fatboy
2. Lilian Vernon
3. Love Sac
4. Orka Bean Bags
5. Doob Bean Bags