The Detailed Historical Past of Bean Bags

The Birth of Bean Bags

It was in 1906 when Roger Dean, the Father of Bean Bags, has ruminated about the idea of cushioned chair at the east side of London. This first bean bag ever created was allegedly named as the Sea Urchin Chair. This was made out of foam that is spherical in appearance.

The Popularity of Bean Bags

The idea of bean bags was later adopted by 3 Italian factory owners and designers namely Gatti, Paolini and Teodora in 1969 when they develop a modern type of cushioned seat for Zanotta, an Italian furniture designer company. But according to a traditional grapevine, the inception of bean bags was just a fluke when the workers of the factory put all the styro leftovers in a bag. Since then, Gatti, Paolini and Teodora pushed the concept of bean bag chair as something that is pleasing and functional fashioned for 1960’s hipsters. They named their creations as Sacco, the first modern kind of bean bags. Sacco was the earliest chair to adjust to the person sitting on it.

The Obscurity of Bean Bags

Sacco did catch fire immediately and was extremely well-known all throughout states during the late 1960s. Sacco’s design is not actually similar to the modern layout of bean bag. The former was a pear-shaped chair made up of leather and built with a headrest. The headrest part of Sacco was formed using tiny thermocol pellets which were eventually replaced with polyurethrane foam and polystyrene beads. Bean bags turned into an instant hit in the market around 1970s and became part of the social lifestyle of the elite families of the society. While recognition of the home furniture dwindled in 1980s among young adults, bean bags were hailed as kid’s choice of chair.

1990s: Rebirth of Bean Bags

The 1990s was the renaissance of bean bags. Many manufacturers re-launched the idea of the cushioned chairs but this time, they were made more durable, more stylish and more desirable. Better fabrics were used and double stitching was introduced as a manufacturing method.

There were no significant difference between the bean bags today and that of the past except that early forms of bean bags were deemed to be higher quality due to the leather material and thick Styrofoam pellets as fillings.

Bean Bags Today

Bean bags are all the rage these days because they are cozy furniture that simply adjust the body shape. They are also transportable, convenient and lightweight! Today, bean bags are all-encompassing which are available in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes and types of fillings. Because they are becoming accessible to children, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has required the manufacturers to incorporate zipper designs in all bean bags. In 1995, a total of 12,000,000 bean bags were recalled or withdrawn from market due to safety hazards to children. Bean bags to date were not only made better in structure but what’s more, they are made environmentally benign! They are now washable and biodegradable.