How to Clean a Bean Bag – 10 Tips

Bean bag is among the most interesting indoor decoration found at home. Bean bags are the favorites of the youngsters because they are colorful, foamy and comfortable! As restful as they are, these fluffy bags can be at times filthy and cleaning them can be tricky. The following are some tips to clean bean bags.

Reminder: It should be mentioned that not all cleaning methods for bean bags work the same. They are treated differently depending on the material or the fabric of the bean bag.

1. Dust is an enemy of bean bags. When you see one, remove them. Dusts damage the quality of bean bag chairs, but more than that they wreak havoc on health. Dusts may accumulate over time and cause allergic reaction to children. When removing these tiny particles from bean bags, use cotton clean cloth.

2. For bean bags with covers, take off from the chair and wash them in water and detergent. Bean bag covers made from cotton fabrics can be air dried. Cleaning cotton covers is simple and doesn’t involve too much tidying measures.

activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal: Use as Odor-Remover in Bean Bags

3. When stained, immediately clean the bean bag with a damp piece of cloth. Soak the cloth first in soapy water, and rub the stain using it. If the mark is too difficult to remove, a toothbrush with soft bristles come in handy. After that, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

4. The good side of suede bean bags is they are more durable and tougher, however, they easily get stained making them difficult to clean. They also easily attract dirt thus they need to be cleaned regularly. If spot a dirt, rub it immediately with a damp cloth and a dry cloth piece thereafter. Let it dry at room temperature. Do not speed-dry using heat. On the other hand, there are suede erasers available in the market today that can rub out dry stains.

5. Clean bean bags at least once a month with a wet towel. Bean bag covers are recommended to preserve the quality of the chairs. If the bean bag stinks, shower baking soda, or mix it with water and spray over the bean bag.

6. Check for small holes. Repair them immediately

7. Consider deep cleaning. This is highly suggested to avoid filthy smell and bacteria accumulation in bean bags not to mention in the case of organic and natural fillings. When performing deep clean, carefully open the bean bag and put all the filling in a bowl or a container. See if they start smelling bad. If the fillings are dusty and coated with moisture, discard them.

8. Use vacuum to remove pet hairs. In this case, do not do the cleaning indoor as it may spread the hairs and get inhaled by people at home.

9. When drying bean bag covers, do not spread them under direct sunlight. Also, never put them back to the bean bag until they are completely dry. Check the fillings, if they are unstable and malodorous, use fresh ones.

10. Dissipate odors of bean bag fillings by letting them in fresh air for few days. Sprinkling odor-absorbing materials such as activated charcoal or coffee grounds is another way of curtailing bad odor in bean bags too. Do not spray perfume inside the bean bag as it will only make the odor more intense.