How to Choose the Right Bean Bag

Bean bags chairs are now hitting the height of popularity. The strong desire of homeowners to bean bags is really a no brainer. Bean bags are home living furnitures that are not only sophisticated and relaxing but also commodious. They are appealing home furnitures that are easily moved from one location to another and safe to use by children. This article is a guide when buying a bean bag.

– Know the size of you want. Bean bags are designed both for adults, kids and now, for babies and toddlers. The 37-inch wide is the most common bean bag size for adults. The giant size bean bag, measuring 52 inches wide, can take up two individuals assembling like a love seat chair. The bigger the size of the bean bag, the cozier it is but the larger the space it can take up.pear shaped bean bag

– Choose bean bags that provide back support. Dealing with back problems is another element to consider when selecting bean bags. Bean bags can also benefit pregnant mothers and those who are nursing their babies. For maximum comfort, pear-shaped bean bags (see picture) provide much needed support.

– Consider durability. Invest in a rip-proof fabric material for bean bags. Kids, due to their playful nature, love to crash, jump and roll on bean bags. Hence, these chairs are prone to abuse. That said, don’t look for cheaper ones but the best bean bags that are capable of enduring for many years. Cheap fabrics easily lose warmth and comfort.bean bags for pets

– Bean bags are not only exclusive ergonomic home furnitures for human but some are designed for pets (see image). When looking for pets’ bean bags, make sure they are not only extremely cushion but also durable. Wood shavings are popular fillings for bean bags for pets.

Important: Bean bags made from faux leather are just PVC! PVC or polyvinyl chloride is harmful to health and environment.

– Select the right bean bag filling. This can be foam, beads, polystyrene beans and chipped foams. There are also natural bean bag fillings which may be in the form of green peas, rice and unpopped popcorns. Avoid fillings that are unequal in size, they are quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the fluffiness of bean bags may lose over time and they need to be replaced. Polystyrene is claimed to be the best bean bag stuffing as it can withstand frequent compression without actually losing sponginess.

– Safety as head of the line. The most important tip for parents, select bean bags that are flame retardant, meaning they are resistant or inhibit the spread of fire. As far as kid’s health is concern, choose fabrics made from leather as they are lead-free. To keep the fillings impact, double seal bean bags with nylon or create double zipper.

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– Complement bean bags with your home style. Bean bags are available in different colors and styles. Choose a bean bag that set offs or creates balance with your home’s design. They can be anything from casual to sophisticated or classy look.

– Protect bean bags using covers. Children eat and drink on bean bags. To preserve them, buy covers. Also, in this way, bean bags keep up their quality and spills are easily washed off.