Different Bean Bag Fillers

Definition of Bean Bag

A bean bag chair is a home furnishing leather sack stuffed with dried beans, polystyrene beads and/or similar materials. The comforting element of bean bags is attributed to its fillers that support the weight of the person when he falls onto it. A bean bag is both for recreational and practical use, and it is widely seen as popular furniture at home.

The outer covering of bean bags is made from but not limited to vinyl, leather, nylon, polyester or cotton.

Different Bean Bag Fillers

There are different bean bag fillers available in the market today.

Polystyrene pellets. Polystyrene pellets are tiny synthetic polymers. Their size provides maximum comfort and durability compared to other bean bag fillers. Polystyrene pellets are similar to polystyrene beads except that they are smaller in size.

Shredded foam filler. This type of bean bag filling is made from polyurethane foam, a common foam material in making chairs and couches. Bean bags with shredded foam filler use foam that is cut into tiny pieces. The flexible property of shredded foam allows bean bags to back into shape after being depressed. This type of bean bag filling is more cushiony but less stable compared to polystyrene beads.

Natural fillers. Bean bag fillings may also include natural liner such as beans, dried peas, popcorn and rice. Natural fillers are cheaper options for bean bag filler. They do not lose easily their stuffing capacity but one caveat is that they attract pests and they may be too heavy. Also, they don’t provide much needed comfort as they are quite rocklike to sit on. Nevertheless, some say that natural fillers, green peas in particular, can benefit tired muscles by their massaging effect.

bean bags fillers

A bean bag filler type: Shredded foam filler

Combination of polystyrene beads and shredded foam. Some bean bag manufactures employ a combination of polystyrene beads and shredded foam. This heterogeneous mixture allows bean bag chairs to be more comfortable.

Packing peanuts. As bean bag filler, packing peanuts are made from polyethylene, a petroleum-based product. Packing peanuts have larger sizes than polystyrene beads but are considerably more lightweight.

Cedar shavings. A peculiar type of bean bag filler is cedar shavings. Cedar is an evergreen tree that serves purpose in home decoration and pest control. The smelling element of cedar shavings, repel fleas and pests, thus this type of bean bag filler is mainly used to drive away unwanted insects. Some bean bag manufacturers combine cedar shavings with dried beans for optimum comfort.

Note: Modern bean bags are made lighter, more convenient and more appealing. The fillings are made from synthetic materials that are not only lightweight but also environmentally benign.