10 Steps to Make a Bean Bag

A bean bag is now one of the globally recognized furniture and source of comfort at home. It is simply a bag that is filled with beans or any other similar materials and closed. Bean bags have different types and sizes and are made for different purposes, may it be recreational or practical.

Purchasing bean bags can be an act that takes you out of your budget. There may be affordable ones but if you want quality, bean bags will not be easy to get if you are on a budget. Do not fret because there are ways of creating your own bean bag the way you want it to be made. Read on and discover how to make a bean bag on your own.

How to Make a Bean Bag

1. First and foremost, gather the materials that you will need in making a bean bag. Get them ready in a place that you can easily get access to so that you will not have to waste your time and effort looking for the things that you need. Some of the most important materials that you will need are the following: (1) heavy fabric scraps (2) muslin (3) dried beans (4) thread (5) ruler (6) sewing machine (7) measuring cup (8) scissors.

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2. Cut out the fabric into a shape that you prefer. Most would simply follow a square shaped bean bag, but if you have your own style, do what you like.

3. Cut out the muslin that will serve as a liner. Shape it like the fabric that you will be used as a bag.

4. Sew the sides of the fabric and the muslin that you cut into shape but make sure to leave an opening. Turn the bean bag making sure the right side is out. This time, when the bag is ready, fill it up with beans.

5. Fill up the muslin with beans. You can put on other materials that have the same characteristic of that of the dried beans.

6. Once you are satisfied filling up the muslin, fold the top and sew. Don’t mind the appearance because it will not be seen inside a bean bag.

7. Once sealed, put the muslin liner inside the fabric that will serve as the bean bag.

8. Fold the top of the bean bag just like what was done with the muslin earlier.

9. Pin the folded top of the bean bag so that it will be intact when it will be sewn for closure.

10. Finally, sew all of the sides of the bean bag with a margin of around ¼ or ½ inch.

There are small bean bags that are used for recreation or games. There are also big ones that are made for a practical purpose, such as comfort. Big bean bags serve as large cushion and are usually filled with beads to be used as a seat. There is comfort and coziness when you use large bean bags as a seat. When you just want to lie on that cushion, relax, or watch a movie for example, these bean bags will be very come in handy.

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