10 Reasons Why Bean Bags are Popular

The following are the 10 reasons why people (should) love bean bags.

# 1: Bean bags are all the rage in wide-ranging sizes and colors. From a one-person bean bag, bean bags at this present time can now accommodate an entire family!

# 2: Bean bags are comfy chairs. They are great furnishings to relax and wind down. They are the favorite sits-on when watching a show or a movie.

# 3: Children have innate affinity for bean bags. They are fluffy, playful, practical and child-proof. Nowadays, they are created safer and more secure for children. They come in double secured seals to avoid safety hazards and risks.

# 4: Bean bags are safe to use. Nowadays, not only bean bags have improved designs but also manufacturers ensure that they adhere to safety standards.

# 5: Bean bags are cheap. For as low as $15, you can already purchase an elite furniture of bean bag whereas a Looney toons-themed bean bag costs around $24. A two-seater bean bag is available at a price tag of $29.

# 6: Bean bags provide health benefits. Bean bags help you feel relax. They are also great places to sleep on. What’s more, bean bags can be personal masseuse that can ease back and neck pain.

Family Size Bean Bag

Family Size Bean Bag

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# 7: Bean bags are pliant alternatives for stiff study chairs. Bean bags are good venues for studying. If you have been spending hours of studying on a hard chair, then you should probably consider buying a bean bag.

# 8: Bean bags are avenues for bonding time! How about watching a family movie with mom and dad on bean bags? Isn’t it they are not only commodious but also helps form powerful family bonding? Modern bags are made larger and roomier not only for solitary activities but also for group and family avocations.

# 9: Bean bags come in four impressive designs – sack, cylinder, armchair and teardrop. The most common style is sack bean bag. The pear-shaped bean bags, on the other hand, provide better back support.

# 10. Bean bags are durable. They are meant to last, and they don’t tear easily especially bean bags made from leather and denim materials. Bean bags are not only good indoor furnishings but also outdoors items (just don’t expose them to sun as they may fade).

When buying bean bags:

– Choose the one with polystyrene fill as it provides the maximum comfort and can withstand excessive compression without losing cushion.

– Support the environment by choosing recycled polystyrene. Recycled polystyrene are environmentally benign and they help reduce factory wastes.

– Choose a bean bag that is fire retardant. Look for bean bag covers with “FR” mark (meaning, fire retardant). An FR label implies that the bean bag complies with the US flammability standards.

– For cheaper bean bags, make a DIY bean bag chair by using natural products such as green peas and unpopped popcorns. However, the danger of bean bags with natural fillers is that they attract pests.


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